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Towelette Warmer, the Greatest Invention EVER!

  There it is, in all it’s glory.  Why is it the “Greatest Invention EVER”?  Well it all started with my uterus…

Today I had my first who-ha prodding tests.  A Saline Ultrasound.  Sounds easy, and it wasn’t that bad.

Warning:  if you don’t want to hear any medical stuff, skip the next paragraph.

It starts the same as any PAP.  Feet in the air, speculum inserted, but this time they insert a catheter through the cervix and into the uterus.  Here they measure how far they need to go to put the embryos once they’re ready, and fill the uterus with saline like a balloon to see if there are any bumps.  Bumps can prevent the embryos from implanting into the uterus and becoming a fetus.  They take a few pictures to send to the doctor, and you’re done!  Honestly the worst part is the speculum.

The nurses said everything looked good to them, but sent pictures to confirm with the doctor.  Then said if I wanted I could get a towelette from the warmer…..

I’m sure you’ve used baby wipes or towelettes for various things, but have you ever used a warm one?  It’s just pure goodness.  I recommend it!

I guess it’s just a little comfort before my next test in a couple of weeks….the dreaded HSG…I’m not looking forward to it.




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