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On Being a Pincushion

It's a Uterus Pincushion! Get it?!?


So today was my first acupuncture appointment, and I was a little anxious about it….Ok, I’m anxious about everything, but I really didn’t know what to expect here.  I wasn’t nervous or afraid.  I guess I just hoped I would be a good patient.  I mean, I work with these people.  I don’t want to be a wuss!

I finally got to meet Mandy, my acupuncturist, and it only took us a couple of minutes to discuss what we needed to focus on.  Since there was nothing medically wrong with me, we just focused on preparing my body for the IVF.  She said this involved putting the needles in my lower back.  I instantly told her about my chronic lower back pain (due to a slipped disc in my back I have yet to take care of) because I was worried that she would put a needle in and I would start crying with pain.  As it turned out, a few little extra needles with the IVF treatment would probably also really help with my back.

So I lied down on my stomach, and like a pro she instantly put her finger directly on my back where it hurts the most.  So knowing where my pain was, she started putting pressure on the back of my knee.  She then pushed on my back again and asked how it felt.  I was really surprised to feel that the pain actually went down like %20.  It may not seem like a lot, but that’s really not bad for putting pressure on the back of my knee for like 3 seconds.

She then started putting the needles in.  These needles are really small and thin.  You first feel the little plastic feeder tube, and then she taps the needle in.  To me, it just felt like if you tapped a straightened paperclip on your skin.  After that, I didn’t feel them at all!

Needles went in the back of my knee, my leg, ankles and feet.  She even turned on a heat lamp on my lower back.  So then she turned on some ocean sounds, turned off the lights, and just let me relax for about 30 minutes.

Probably about after 10, my body started to relax and I just felt like a lizard wanting to stretch out under the heat lamp.  I don’t even know how to explain how good I felt.  I don’t know if it was energy or just blood, but I definitely felt something being able to better circulate through my body.  Like being very aware of your whole body, but in a calm way.

She came back in to take the needles out, but I could have laid there all day.  I was amazed how good I felt.  I was actually able to bend over without excruciating pain!  I felt drunk on “goodness”.  Sort of like the blood rushing to your head really quick, but not in a “I’m-about-to-pass-out” way.

Now did this instantly fix me?  No way, but it definitely helped and I think that regular visits could make me better.  I don’t want to “live with pain” and I want to be able to pick up my children because I don’t know if that’s possible the way my back is now.  Plus, hopefully it’s also helping my body prep for the IVF.

Mandy even said I was an “ideal patient”!  Gold star for me!


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