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The Calm Before the Storm

So not much is really happening right now, but it can all change at anytime.  When a woman starts her “time of the month” that is the first cycle day, or CD1.  We’ll officially start the IVF on CD3.  That’s when we’ll get to do all the fun stuff like FSH (or Follicle stimulating hormone)  and LH (or Luteinzing Hormone) shots (which will make me create lots of freaky big eggs), GnRH Agonists shots (these will hold off ovulation), and of course we still have lots of blood tests along with the HSG I’m not looking forward to.

Here’s a fun chart to kind of visualize the order of things:

  So my CD1 could be any day this week.  We’re really excited, but we’re also kind of hoping CD1 comes late.  It’s really purely selfish, which is all kinds of wrong, but there is a reason.

If you look at that chart above, and see where it says “Oocyte Retrieval”.  Well that’s the day that we are going to drive down to San Antonio so they can “retrieve” those ostrich eggs we’re going to make.  It happens on CD13/CD14, and if my CD1 is Friday, that means it will happen around October 6th or 7th.

So what’s the problem with this?  Well, my husband will be in LA for the Adobe MAX conference from October 2nd until the night of the 6th.  What’s the problem with this?  Well he needs to be giving “his boys” the same time they are getting “my girls”.

Could he just skip the conference?  Sure, but we both don’t want him to.  He’s been working really hard on a huge project since he started working in Austin, and this will be such a fun break for him.  He’ll get all kinds of great freebies, and I’ll get four days all to myself!  I can watch all the trash t.v. without being judged!


So we’re hoping that it won’t come until at least Friday (and we can then do the procedure on CD14), but if it comes before my husband will just cancel his trip.  We’ll just have to see.

I’ve actually told my husband and my mom both to stress me out this week so it will be late.  My husband I guess just needs to do all the things he normally does to make me crazy ;), but my mother sent me this gem today:

Subject:  STRESS DAY 1


Just wanted you to know that I have 4 weeks of vacation still this year.

That means I have the possibility to find flights & be at your house for a whole month!

Don’t think that I wouldn’t.


I think I created a monster…….


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  1. Good luck on your upcoming cycle! I’m a new follower/stalker – found you from Eggs in a Row. We’re on CD 10 of our first IVF cycle due to MFI (2% morphology). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I’ll be stalking you. 🙂

    • Aww, yea! I actually just added you to my reader as well. I’m excited to read and see all the “fun” things I have to look forward to in our upcoming first IVF cycle. The best of luck and thank you!


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