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After a Fall Such as This, I Shall Think Nothing of Tumbling Downstairs!

My DH (dear husband) and my mom did a very excellent job of stressing me out this week, and my period didn’t start until yesterday.  So this was it!  I was so excited to call the RN.

She told me that I needed to set up a time to come in for our 2 hour IVF class where we’d get to go through everything, and teach my husband how to give me the shots (yeah!).  I then needed to set up my CD3, and disease screening blood tests for DH and I.  Then my HSG test.  Oh, and when we do come in for our class, our full payment was due.  I had to call the main practice in San Antonio to schedule the class and find out the bill total.

So I called DH to figure out what day would be best, and gave them a call back to schedule the 7 am Thursday class.  I then asked what would be due.  Oh, just $11,500! (note:  our insurance does NOT cover infertility treatments.  Something that should be available to all, but that’s another discussion)

This is where I think it all became real.  Like we’ve already jumped down the rabbit hole, and for a while we were just free falling.  Now we see the bottom, and I’m starting to freak the freak out.

DH’s reaction didn’t help.  He never likes to actually read things, and didn’t realize that the full bill was all due at once and before the procedure.  So although we have enough to put it on credit, I really started freaking out.

I’m not good with numbers and financial things.  My mother always made me feel like I was bankrupting her if I asked for anything.  So any time we spend money (let alone almost 12 g worth), I instantly go into an, “Oh my God, I just bankrupted us, and we’re going to end up on the street, and it’s all my fault!”  So I try not to get involved in finances.  I get an allowance, and I follow it.

So I kept calling the billing department (they were not liking me), and asking what options we had.  When I finally got someone on the phone (ok, I bugged them.  It was right before the weekend though.  If I had to wait three days to hear anything, and then have a plan by Thursday I was going to have an anxiety attack.  It’s just not how I work.), they gave me a couple of options.

I sent DH some information about financing/loan packages through ARC Fertility, and we were approved but the rate is not really that much better than credit.  So we decided we would also go to our credit union later and see if we could get a better personal loan.

Now that this was handled for the time being I set up an appointment at the Lab Corp for this morning and the HSG test for Thursday afternoon.

What a freaking nightmare Lab Corp was.  Don’t bother setting appointments.  We weren’t even called up until and hour after our scheduled appointment.  Then they couldn’t find the paperwork that RMA had faxed over the day before.  My RN had warned me of this though, and sent me an email detailing all that they needed.  So I handed them the print out.  This of course was not good enough for them, but I luckily got a hold of someone to re-fax the information.  In fact, they put it in the computer system, but wouldn’t you know, Lab Corp could still not find it in their own system.   Before I completely lost it, the nurse said that she would finally just take the blood.  Six vials for me and two for DH later we were out of there.

On to the credit union to look at getting a loan!  Wouldn’t you know, the loan officer doesn’t come in on Saturday……  He works M-F 9-5…..because no one else works at those times and we could of course just pop right on in…  Does this make sense to anyone else?!?  Why would you not have an officer there on Saturday? Why does everything have to be so complicated?

I’m at my wit’s end, and we haven’t done anything yet.  Not to mention how frustrating it is to have to pay for a baby because of something that we can’t control.  I can’t even begin to think of, “what if this doesn’t work?”

I need a drink….


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