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My Mother Lies and Other Little Revelations

  My parents tried for 2 years to have me.  Although my Mother doesn’t remember how, she had scarring on her fallopian tubes.  So 29 years ago she had an HSG.  Apparently that opened them up enough so little follicle me could fall out and become an embryo.

  So when I had scheduled my HSG, I gave her a call to ask her if she remembers it hurting.  “No,” she said…..Now my family is not known to have the best memory, and I’m pretty sure they were still doping people up whenever possible in the 80s.  So I was very anxious to get the whole thing over with yesterday.

  When they take you back into the room they put you on this big table with the x ray hanging over you.  They put the speculum in, and then put a catheter up into your uterus…..Imagine the worst cramp pain you have ever experienced in your life….boys, imagine you have a little hot knife lodged in your pelvis…this is the pain you feel while that catheter is in.

  They then have you scoot so you are lying completely flat on the table, put the x ray over your pelvis, and you can see the images on a computer screen by your head.  It was actually kind of neat to see the die go up the tubes (they are a lot longer and all over than you’d think), but I was in so much pain at the time I just wanted the nurse to shut the heck up and get that catheter out!  They take a few pictures, have you roll on your sides for other views, and then you’re done!  It only takes about 5 minutes.

  I had some mild cramping afterward, but no spotting.  I actually felt well enough to drive myself home although my DH did come with me.  I was glad to have him there if only for support.  So it’s not a great experience, but quick to be over.  I’m glad it’s done.

  RMA actually just called me and said that the report came back all good, but they want to take a look at the images the place gave me on cd to confirm.  So yeah, no blockages!

Here’s a picture of my uterus and tubes:

  Oh, I also wanted to say that I was so busy being peeved at Walgreens yesterday that I didn’t mention how much RMA rocks.  They are just the most patient, caring, and on top of it group in the medical field I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  I couldn’t imagine being in better hands.  They just really made sure we understood everything during our class yesterday, and were always making sure we were comfortable and had all our questions answered.  I can’t recommend or praise them enough.  As stressed out as I am about money, I know it’s just unfortunately how we allow the insurance companies to work.  When you are getting the best attention and care though, at least it feels like money well spent.

  So on another note, just before bed last night I thought, “Well now that we know around the time when we will be doing the egg retrieval and transfer, I wonder when the baby would be born if this works?”  DH and I had always hoped that we would have an April baby.  He was born in April, and almost all my good friends are born in April.  They are well tempered, go-with-the-flow people.  I was born in late July.  I am a Leo.  I’m a hot mess.

  The embryos will be transfered anywhere between Nov 4th – 8th.  That gives them a birthday of July 27th – 31st….We are doomed to have another me…

  Then I went on to think.  Wow, that means I would be pregnant pretty much the same time as my mother was with me….That also means that she had her HSG around the same time I did….Holy Crap, I’m truly turning into my mother!!!!!


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