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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Four Pumpkins

I was really excited for our first Halloween where we would have Trick-or-Treaters.  I bought the candy, decorated the porch, and bought and carved 4 pumpkins.  Apparently for the whole 4 trick-or-treaters I had.  Lame 😦

Now I have a huge bowl of candy that I can’t touch until after Wednesday because I can’t gain a single pound until after the retrieval.

That’s right! I got the word though that I take the ovulation trigger shot tonight at 11:30.  Then I go in for labs tomorrow at 8:30 to make sure that the shot took, and the egg retrieval will be at 8 Wednesday morning!

I didn’t get the exact number of follicles I have at my ultrasound today, but we are close to 30.  I know I have at least 5 follicles at at least 20 mm, but they’ll try to get mature eggs out of any follicles 15 mm and up.  ETH is also at 12 mm.  Everything is good to go!

I’m nervous but ready to get all these follies out.  I feel like my ovaries are the size of bowling balls.  I’m stuffed.

I’m also glad to be done with all the shots in my stomach, but now I get the intramuscular ones DH has to give me in the butt.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thanks so much to everyone who has/is sending their thoughts.  It really means a lot to us!



Ok, so no doodle today.  I had to show my new baby.  She’s so pretty.  I love her so!

Sorry if this post is a bit short.  I’m really tired.  After getting up at 5:30 am to drive an hour to San Antonio to have my MIVF, and then spending the rest of the day car shopping I’m pooped.

So here’s the stats today:  ETH at 11 mm, the right ovary has 3 follies under 10 mm/1 at 13 mm/2 at 15 mm/1 at 17 mm, the left ovary has 8 under 10 mm/ 2 at 13 mm/ 4 at 15 mm/ 1 at 17 mm.  That’s 7 more follies than the last time and 11 that we know will have mature eggs.  They’re still all grouped together, and everything is looking great.

So much so that the doctor said that she’d be surprised if we didn’t have the retrieval on Wednesday!  I go in Monday morning for my final ultrasound/labs, and then they’ll give me the trigger shot on that night.

Ok, one more picture of my (fur)baby, Buddy Holly.  He’s mad at me because I made him sit still when he just wanted to jump around and play.  He’s ready for trick-or-treaters now!

Sad Cyst

I kinda like doing doodles more than trolling around the internets to find a picture.  So we’ll see how many I can do.

Anyway, I finally heard back from the general practitioner doctor about the MRI.  Actually, I had to call and ask what the what but whatever.  They said again it showed “degenerative changes” in my lumbar between L4 and L5.  Ok, big whoop.  Then she said they found no masses.

Uh, than what was the mass that both my acupuncturist and doctor felt?  They figure that it’s just a cyst and they’re not concerned about it.  They just want me to do some psychical therapy and strengthen my core.

Ok, so I’m glad that it’s nothing big, and I don’t have to worry about it on top of everything else.  I can’t help but to feel sorry for my little cyst that no one cares about.  Sorry little dude, but I’m more concerned with getting some other “mass” attached to my body.


Psychic Penguin

Like my doodle?  I really wanted to write a post about my latest blood work/ultrasound, but I wanted to wait until RMA called me to tell me the latest blood results.  The nurses told me this morning that they were having a meeting at 11 am to discuss IVF patients, and that I should expect a call after that.

So I went to the store, returned the rental car, and didn’t really think too much about it.  Then about an hour ago I thought about it, and started to get anxious.  Just when I was debating at what time I would wait until I called them, my phone rang and guess who it was!  I’m a psychic penguin!

Ok, so anyway.  This morning’s ultrasound went really well.  My uterus is beautiful with three great layers at 10 mm.  The right ovary appeared again with 5 follicles.  Three at under 10mm and two at 13mm.  My left ovary though, what a stallion!  Three follies at 13mm and seven at under 10mm.  That’s right, 5 more follies showed up in the left ovary for the party!

So we have five follies at 13mm, and we know that we’ll get mature eggs out of those.  Ten more are at just under 10mm, but still have time to grow.  They are all bunched together, and none are really growing much more than the other ones.  All good things!

I want all the follies to be fully mature at the time of retrieval, but I’m really happy with having at least 5.  I know some women struggle to just get one, so I’m not going to complain.

The blood work is good as well, but they want me to lower my dose of Follistm from 150 to 100.  Ok.  And they need me to come in for labs/ultrasounds on Saturday.  Ok.  In San Antionio.  Ok.  At 7:15 am……..wa…wa…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Oh well, worth it if we get a baby, right?  Then I get to go car shopping after that!  I’m thinking about either a Honda CRV or  a KIA Sportage.  Have you had any experiences with these?

I was also invited to go to a play called ‘Birth‘ this Friday.  Although I’m not at that point yet, I believe that the education of women about their bodies and birthing options is very important.  I’m very interested in the stories I’ll hear, and hope to learn a lot.  I just hope I can focus on the message, and not our infertilness.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

The Tale of the Minivan

So this morning’s ultrasounds/labs went well.  My ETH bumped up to 9, my left ovary still showed 5 follies, and my right showed up with 5 as well.  My bloodwork has come back great, and they want me to start the Ganirelix tomorrow.  Then I’ll go back in Thursday morning to see if we’re coming along alright.

After our appointment I wanted to stop into Walgreens to get a couple of things before we headed home.  I had to turn left on a busy road during morning traffic.  Can you guess what happened?  A car smacked into the front of my car.

No one was hurt, but both cars were minorly undriveable.  My front bumper is barely on, the front light is gone, my driver door is jammed, and my brand new driver side front tire is dead.

Ugh, and G-love the little girl who hit me.  Not that it was her fault, but after talking to her I really don’t believe it was completely my fault.  I don’t know if she was really paying attention, but she was just dumb.  She really had no idea what to do and just kept laughing from nervousness.  She kept calling her dad, and he kept telling her I had to do all this stuff.

Now yes, I had to talk to my insurance company and report it so they could work with her insurance and take care of it.  By the time I had called the insurance company, the tow truck, and the rental car place to confirm pick up, she still was just standing around waiting for me to do all that for her.  Not because she expected it, but she really had absolutely no clue what to do.  She was 26…

DH and I decided to just tow the car back to the house.  He wants to take a look at it before he decides it’s not worth fixing.  It’s a 99 Carolla, and it’s not the safest car for a baby.  We’ve been talking about getting me a new car, but we just didn’t expect to have to do it this soon.  With all this other nonsense going on.

For now I got a rental for the next couple of days.  The thing is that they didn’t have any standards available, and we had to get going to San Antonio to get my mother on her flight home.  So what did they have?  A f-ing Town and Country Minivan….

Nothing like driving around a “mom car” to remind me of my infertilness…

Being a Baby

A few years ago during Christmas, I believe, I was with my family watching my (older) brother’s two girls (the third was just on the way) open their Christmas presents.  This was probably right before DH and my’s wedding, and the thoughts of babies was waaaaay off.  I watched as the girls ripped open a pair of matching Seaworld Barbies with tickets to the Seaworld Orlando attached.   Oddly enough, this was the moment I felt that I wasn’t the baby anymore.

You see I’m the youngest of my brother and myself, and from the age of about 12 on it’s pretty much just been my Mother and me.  She did the best she could for a single mother, and gave my brother and I a lot of opportunities.  I got to go to Great Britain and Ireland at age 15, drove on the highway for the first time in San Fransisco, and tagged along in various places around the country when her company would send her to meetings.  I’m always grateful to her that I had these experiences.

I never though got to go to Seaworld.  I wouldn’t say it was jealousy when I saw my niece’s gifts.  Sort of more like coming to the point that I have to accept that it’s not me anymore.  It’s their time.  Of course I also probably thought about how it would be my kid’s time soon, HA!  Anyway, from then on I always teased my Mom about how the grandkids got it better.

Then we moved to Austin, and I was thrilled to see that they had a Seaworld in San Antonio, just a little more than an hour away!  So when my mother came to visit us this week, I insisted that she had to take me.  I think I was more excited about it than my nieces.

I practically ran into the place.  I acted like a complete 5 year old, and it was fantastic!  These days it seems like I can barely go into a mall without seeing kids everywhere and wanting to cry.  I was surrounded by kids here, and it didn’t really bother me.  I didn’t see them as “those things I can’t have” but the people like me who were in awe when Orcas did flips in the air.

DH was so sweet too and got me one of those souvenir cups with a plastic Orca on the top.  It was just a perfect day.  I got to forget about trying to have a baby, and just be a baby for one last time.


Until I got home and had my meds waiting for me.  My doctor has me on Menopur – 150 and Follistim – 150.  I was nervous about doing it for the first time, but it wasn’t too bad.  The thing is that I shake so bad.  The getting the needle in is ok, but in just the few seconds it takes to arrange my hand to push down the plunger, my shakes start up.  So that needle starts jiggling in there a bit, and it’s not the best feeling.

DH is so awesome though.  He asked me what I had to do, and for the past couple of nights has been getting everything set up for me.  He’s offered to just do the injections for me, but I want to try to do it on my own.  I did let him push the plunger for the Menopur last night though, just so he can get some practice in before the big injections he has to give me later.

I am though impossibly creeped out by the fact that I can feel the stuff going in.  I’ve never liked injections and the idea of something foreign going into my body, but I’ve just got to suck it up.  I didn’t have any horrible side effects though, except for insomnia.  I didn’t go to bed until 2 am!  I’m usually out by 10 pm.  I did manage to get to sleep by 11 pm last night, so hopefully this won’t be a big problem.

I wasn’t supposed to get another ultrasound/lab until Wednesday, but my doctor asked me if I wanted to come in tomorrow morning instead.  There’s not anything wrong, they just decided that they want to check patients under 35 after 4 days instead of 5.  I’m excited to see if it’s working and if we can get my right ovary to show up this time.  I think my Mom would like to see before she has to head back to Ohio too.

I’ll let you know!


I also want to say a “Hello” to all the ICLWs out there!  Sorry I’ve been behind on my posts, but I’m so grateful to all of those who have been reading and leaving comments.  I’ve been trying to keep up, and it’s been so nice to discover new people and blogs!

Just a really quick intro, me (28) and my DH (36) have been married for a year and a half now and are trying for baby #1.  We have discovered that we suffer from Male Factor Infertility (DH’s count is low and morphology is like a 1), and after moving from Ohio to Austin, TX we are just starting our 1st IVF.

He’s a Sci-fi nerd, I’m a fantasy geek, and we’re just trying to make a baby.  Although were terrified they’ll be a jock.  Seriously, we will be such awkward turtles if we have to go to football games and the such.  If we manage to get a baby out of this, we will not complain though!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy or get a laugh!


Quick Baseline Post

Emassing the Troops

This week has been actually really enjoyable with Mom around.  I’ll post more on that later.

Today I went in for our Baseline Labs and Ultrasound before we start meds tomorrow for our first IVF.  Squeee!  Should I be more nervous?  I don’t know.  I keep trying to be positive, but I just don’t know if I can be optimistic.

Anyway my ETH or Endometrial thickness was 8 mm.  Pretty good for CD3, I think?  The left ovary had 5 follicles, but my right ovary did it’s hiding trick again.  I’m pretty bummed that I don’t know how many were there, but my nurse pointed out that we’d rather not see anything than see something wrong.  She just suspected that they were small follicles, and once we start the drugs they’ll just get bigger.  So hopefully we’ll see them when I go back on Wednesday.

OMG, it’s happening!