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What’s Worse?


  I really don’t know what’s worse.  Going through infertility and all the tests, or dealing with insurance and billing departments.  After the debacle that was the LabCorp visit, we received our bills today.  One for me and one for DH.  I know that we are not covered for infertility, but I think basic infectious disease tests should be covered.  So I looked at our claims online to see if they have in fact been denied or not.  I saw that we had one claim pending, DH’s claim, but nothing for my claim.  So I gave LabCorp a little buzz and indeed found out that they never even made a claim for me… it really that hard people?!?

We may or may not have to end up paying this bill (they just keep piling up at this point), but regardless a claim should have been made.  Put your head down, LabCorp.  You fail again.


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  1. Boo, LabCorp! That blows. I hope the claim gets made (and PAID) and you don’t have to do it.


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