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Psychic Penguin

Like my doodle?  I really wanted to write a post about my latest blood work/ultrasound, but I wanted to wait until RMA called me to tell me the latest blood results.  The nurses told me this morning that they were having a meeting at 11 am to discuss IVF patients, and that I should expect a call after that.

So I went to the store, returned the rental car, and didn’t really think too much about it.  Then about an hour ago I thought about it, and started to get anxious.  Just when I was debating at what time I would wait until I called them, my phone rang and guess who it was!  I’m a psychic penguin!

Ok, so anyway.  This morning’s ultrasound went really well.  My uterus is beautiful with three great layers at 10 mm.  The right ovary appeared again with 5 follicles.  Three at under 10mm and two at 13mm.  My left ovary though, what a stallion!  Three follies at 13mm and seven at under 10mm.  That’s right, 5 more follies showed up in the left ovary for the party!

So we have five follies at 13mm, and we know that we’ll get mature eggs out of those.  Ten more are at just under 10mm, but still have time to grow.  They are all bunched together, and none are really growing much more than the other ones.  All good things!

I want all the follies to be fully mature at the time of retrieval, but I’m really happy with having at least 5.  I know some women struggle to just get one, so I’m not going to complain.

The blood work is good as well, but they want me to lower my dose of Follistm from 150 to 100.  Ok.  And they need me to come in for labs/ultrasounds on Saturday.  Ok.  In San Antionio.  Ok.  At 7:15 am……..wa…wa…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Oh well, worth it if we get a baby, right?  Then I get to go car shopping after that!  I’m thinking about either a Honda CRV or  a KIA Sportage.  Have you had any experiences with these?

I was also invited to go to a play called ‘Birth‘ this Friday.  Although I’m not at that point yet, I believe that the education of women about their bodies and birthing options is very important.  I’m very interested in the stories I’ll hear, and hope to learn a lot.  I just hope I can focus on the message, and not our infertilness.  I’ll let you know how it goes…


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I'm just a 28 year old neurotic hippie/geek, and I'm just doing my thing.

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  1. Hi, I’m visiting from ICLW and wanted to say yay for good bloodwork, and I love the doodle, I love all things penguin actually 🙂 Have a great day !

  2. You’re braver than me for going to that play, I think doulas and birth options are super fascinating but I’m not sure how I’d handle it all in public.\

    Good luck for your cycle!

  3. I hope to see you tomorrow, and that you stay for the Talk Back panel afterwards. You can ask ANY questions you want to a panel of birth professionals in our community! Also, we want to embrace with good energy and know that we support you and your choices as you embark on this journey!


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