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Sad Cyst

I kinda like doing doodles more than trolling around the internets to find a picture.  So we’ll see how many I can do.

Anyway, I finally heard back from the general practitioner doctor about the MRI.  Actually, I had to call and ask what the what but whatever.  They said again it showed “degenerative changes” in my lumbar between L4 and L5.  Ok, big whoop.  Then she said they found no masses.

Uh, than what was the mass that both my acupuncturist and doctor felt?  They figure that it’s just a cyst and they’re not concerned about it.  They just want me to do some psychical therapy and strengthen my core.

Ok, so I’m glad that it’s nothing big, and I don’t have to worry about it on top of everything else.  I can’t help but to feel sorry for my little cyst that no one cares about.  Sorry little dude, but I’m more concerned with getting some other “mass” attached to my body.



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