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Ok, so no doodle today.  I had to show my new baby.  She’s so pretty.  I love her so!

Sorry if this post is a bit short.  I’m really tired.  After getting up at 5:30 am to drive an hour to San Antonio to have my MIVF, and then spending the rest of the day car shopping I’m pooped.

So here’s the stats today:  ETH at 11 mm, the right ovary has 3 follies under 10 mm/1 at 13 mm/2 at 15 mm/1 at 17 mm, the left ovary has 8 under 10 mm/ 2 at 13 mm/ 4 at 15 mm/ 1 at 17 mm.  That’s 7 more follies than the last time and 11 that we know will have mature eggs.  They’re still all grouped together, and everything is looking great.

So much so that the doctor said that she’d be surprised if we didn’t have the retrieval on Wednesday!  I go in Monday morning for my final ultrasound/labs, and then they’ll give me the trigger shot on that night.

Ok, one more picture of my (fur)baby, Buddy Holly.  He’s mad at me because I made him sit still when he just wanted to jump around and play.  He’s ready for trick-or-treaters now!


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I'm just a 28 year old neurotic hippie/geek, and I'm just doing my thing.

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  1. Yay for a new car. Is that a Honda or an Acura? If we get a 2nd car, I’m thinking of the Honda CRV. Love the Halloween costume!

    Yay for 7 more follies than last time 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts in your direction.

    • It’s a Honda CRV! I really love it. It doesn’t have all the fancy do-dads like say a KIA Sportage does, but it has a lot more cargo space, it’s easier to see around you, and it comes in a cute light green color. What more could you ask for 😉

      Thanks for the positive vibes coming my way! I really appreciate them!

  2. Good luck today! I hope you get the okay to trigger!


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