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Sweet 16

So I first want to let everyone know how the trigger shot went.  It was pretty comical…

I was really excited until it came to the actual time to get the shot.  We got everything ready, and  I told DH to count to 3 and to give it on 3. So he started at my behind.  “Stop! Stop!  Show me where you’re going to do it first!”  I started panicking.  I freaked out and wouldn’t let him come at me for about 5 minutes.

We finally decided that maybe I just needed to do it laying down.  So I got on the bed and he started counting, “1…2….wait, did you want me to do it on 3?”  “F-YOU,” I screamed at him.  “You can’t do that!”  I reiterated that I wanted him to do it on 3, and braced myself.  By this time I made him nervous, and I could feel him shaking.

1….2…3!  When it went in, I just started laughing.  I barely felt it!  It was absolutely nothing.  I guess I thought that the needle gauge was going to be thicker and hurt more.  So not the case.

I apologized to DH and told him I would be a much better patient once we started the progesterone.


As you know, this morning was our retrieval.  They got DH’s “sample” first, and then whisked us both to the back.  They got me in a gown, in a bed, and put an IV in me.  We went over all the paperwork, and I was introduced to the doctor performing the procedure, the lab tech, and the anesthesiologist.  They were all very nice, and we cracked jokes most of the time.

DH was put in a room with two monitors.  One had the ultrasound, and the other showed them putting the eggs in the petri dish.  I guess he could only watch so much of it because it was grossing him out a bit.

They then started me with a bit of drugs, and I was relaxed but conscious when they wheeled me into the operating room.  They put those tubes in my nose to just give me some oxygen, and gave me the rest of the drugs.

I remember putting my legs in the stirrups, and then I was suddenly back in the first room talking to the nurse with DH at my side.  Now, apparently I had been in there talking to (and told profusely thanking) the doctor and everyone for about 30-45 minutes, but I don’t remember any of it!

I didn’t realize this until we were driving home, and I told DH to call my mom.  “What are you talking about,” he asked.  “I called her as soon as you came out.  You were trying to talk to her.”  I have no recollection of this.

So anyway, I was told (numerous times because I couldn’t remember) that they got 16 eggs!  I guess while I was still loopy I was bummed because I wanted “all the eggs!”  I’m very happy with this though.

They also told me that I hummed the entire time.  No one is sure what I was humming, but I think it was either Niki Manaj’s ‘Super Bass’ because it was the last thing I heard before going in.  Or My Morning Jacket.  I guess we’ll never know, but I think of all the things I could do in there it’s funny that I just hummed.  I guess I wanted a little “conception” music for my eggs!

I was still a little groggy on the drive back, but I really haven’t had any bad side effects.  I feel crampy, bloated, and I’m spotting a bit, but really I feel ok.  Just taking it easy now.  DH is being a fantastic help!

In case you don’t know, they are now going to inject DH’s sperm directly into my eggs and incubate them.  They’ll then hopefully form more and more cells until they are an embryo.  Once we have good embryo’s they’ll bring be back to put one into my uterus where it will hopefully implant and become a baby!  The rest of the embryo’s are being frozen for possible future use.

So they said they’ll call me tomorrow to let me know how many are fertilized.  Then again on Saturday to let me know how they were doing on their day 3.  The transfer is tentatively set for Monday!

So now for the next few days I have to take Doxy and Medrol.  I also start the Progesterone tomorrow morning for the next 8 weeks.  Fun fun!

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but everything has been going so well.  It’s hard.  Today is also my MIL’s birthday, and as weird as it is I think it would be great gift to have her grandbaby conceived today.  We’ll just see how it goes.


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  1. Good thoughts for your embryos! It sounds like everything went really smoothly.

  2. Woohoo for 16 eggs! Your retrieval sounds hilarious!! I’m glad things went smoothly.

  3. Congrats! I’m so glad to hear everything went well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your embryos!

  4. I think it is is just lovely that you hummed the entire time! Congrats on 16 eggs and good luck staying optimistic for the next few days. Cheers!


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