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Beta #2


  I apologize that this isn’t going to be a long post.  I’m exhausted….all the time!  I guess that would be my main symptom.  I’m also still getting little round ligament pains, constant hunger, and mood swings.  There are times that I’m minding my own business and then I just want to cry.  No reason.  Not thinking of anything sad or emotional.  I just want to cry.  And eat.  Followed by more sleep.

So my second beta test was today and it’s looking great!  Went from 211 on Friday to 752 today.  So we’ve scheduled the first ultrasound for Dec 1st.  We’ll get to see just how many are in there.  Squee!

I want to be more excited.  I want to be over the moon, but I know better.  My RN said that looking at my number’s she doubts I’ll have a chemical pregnancy, and she said based on how young we are that she doesn’t think we’ll have any chromosomal problems and miscarry.  I just can’t not be cautious though.  I won’t feel good until after week 20.  I try not to think about it too much.

Mom is coming in for the holiday week today.  I’m excited for her to be here and to help us out.  I’m super excited for Thanksgiving.  The nice thing about not being at our big family Thanksgiving is that we only have to fix the things that we like.  We’re not even having a turkey because none of us really like it.  I did pick up a small ham, but it’s mostly just side dishes.  Perfect!

I’ll try to post something longer later in the week.  There are a lot of things going on, and lots to do.

But first I need a nap…


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  1. Woops – hit reply too soon. Meant to say:

    Yay!!! Good beta numbers. I think I’ll feel the same way about not feeling 100% confident until week 20 🙂

    Enjoy the holiday and time with your mom! Hope that my exhaustion is a good sign!

  2. I’m a shit-tastic follower! Holy crap! Congrats – those look like excellent numbers (from what I hear). 🙂 I hope your mom spoils you when she gets into town!


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