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Week 7 Ultrasound

Again, my apologies for not posting a lot.  I’m tired.  All the time.  When I’m not tired, I’m hungry or nauseous.  I haven’t had any morning sickness yet, but every few hours I get nauseous and I eat a little something and then I’m fine until a few hours later.  I just rarely feel like putting my thoughts together, let alone getting them all down.

Anyway, I had a bit more spotting Monday, but it went away by the afternoon.  So I’m hoping I’m done with that.  Here’s what I got from my week 7 ultrasound:

  Baby is looking especially blurry today, but the ultrasound tech told me that the two horizontal white lines at the bottom of the blur are little leg nubbies.  I don’t know how she can tell this stuff, but she’s really good.  She said that next week she should be able to see the arms, and that baby might even be wiggling around a bit.

  Next up is heart beat.  It was really strong this morning, and the heart rate is already up to 133.  I hear that if it’s at least 120 at week 8, that we have even less chance of a miscarriage.  So lets hope things stay on track.

The nurses also looked at my cervix under the ultrasound and said that there wasn’t any sign of funneling (a sign of impending miscarriage), so that makes me feel good too.   Every day I feel a bit more secure about the pregnancy, but I know next week is a big one for us.

I go in for another ultrasound on Thursday morning.  I think I may have one more before we leave for Ohio for Christmas, and then if everything looks good, I think they’ll release me.

I know I get to cut back on the Progesterone at week 9 to every other day.  Good, my hips could use the break.  The bad news is that I’m heading to Ohio two days before DH is.  Meaning that one day, I have to give myself injections.  Eek, I’m really not looking forward to it.  No, I don’t have anyone else I trust to do it for me.  I’ll just suck it up.

Ok, I also know that I promised a post about our birthing plan, but we’ve got a meeting about it on Tuesday night and I figured I would wait until after that to do a post.  So I haven’t forgotten, I just want to give you as much info as I can.

So tune in next week.


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