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12 Weeks


  Wow, I can’t believe that we’ve made it this far.  I can’t believe that we’re ending our first trimester and heading into the second.  I really want to embrace this pregnancy now.

I know some bloggers create a whole new blog once they move from being infertiles to being pregnant, but I’m not moving anywhere.  Instead I’m going to switch the focus of this blog to being an expectant mother.

I’m not really worried about losing readers.  I’ve already noticed that my readership has dropped significantly, and I figured that if you’re still with me you don’t mind where we’re going.  Mind you I don’t blame those who have dropped off.  I know it’s hard to read about all this when you doubt you’ll ever be able to experience the same thing.  I wish all those families out there the best of luck no matter where there journey takes them.  I hope they find happiness.

Anyway, in the spirit of the focus shift I really had a problem with our upcoming Facebook announcement.  As much as I want to be sensitive to possible other infertiles out there, I want to have a happy cute “we’re pregnant” announcement damnit!  Other normal fertiles out there get to have it and do it all the time, so why can’t we?  I didn’t want to do a normal happy cute announcement though because we’re not normal.  I definitely wanted the announcement to mention that we had IVF.

I didn’t want to gloss over the fact that we had a difficult time.  I’m not ashamed of it, and I really think people need to talk more about it.  If we inform more people about it, maybe we’ll have an easier time with it.  Hopefully more open discussions about it will lead to things like the passing of the Family Act of 2011.  Have you written to your Senator and Representative yet?

So I think I came up with a cute idea.  We’re going to unveil it tonight, so I’ll post it then.  I hope my IFers out there will like it.  I’m also going to be linking to this blog, so I’m going to be writing another post to just introduce what I’ve been going though and where this blog is going to be going.  So please forgive the boring “we’ve already been through this” post.

On the pregnancy front, not a whole lot has changed.  I have more nauseous/fatigued days than not, but I’m hoping this will pass soon.  The hubby is getting tired of my crankiness  (poor thing, he’s being a trooper.  He knows just to walk away and ignore me), and I’m tired of feeling like crap all the time.

My hunger though is out of control.  I’m hungry all the time, and when I do eat it’s ravenous.  I can’t get the food in me fast enough.  I’ve never been a skinny girl, but I’ve never been like this.  I feel like a honey badger.  I just don’t give a s#*t.  I’m just, I”m hungry.  I’d eat a snake, pass out, then wake up eating it again.

I think I’m starting to show a bit.  I mean, it’s not easy to tell where my fat stops and the baby bump begins, but I notice a difference.  I’ve bought a couple of maternity tops, but I know that I’ll have to start buying some new pants soon.

I did make my official pregnancy purchase the other day.  I’m expecting my Snoogle tomorrow, and I’m super excited about it.  I just toss and turn at night before eventually passing out and I hope this will help.

I guess that’s really it for now.  More later.


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I'm just a 28 year old neurotic hippie/geek, and I'm just doing my thing.

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  1. Congrats on 12 weeks! I can’t wait ’til I’m there myself and can feel more secure and confident! Hope that you got a positive response on FB! I think we’re waiting to announce on FB until closer but that’s just my own personal thing…

    • Thanks, Momma! Just posted it, so we’ll see. It’s a personal preference when to post it. I worried about posting it too soon, but I’m ready to just start enjoying this experience. I don’t blame you for feeling more comfortable with waiting though.


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