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Thumb Sucker

I would have posted earlier, but I had pregnant brain when I went for a 13 week ultrasound.  It wasn’t until I got to the place that I looked around for my purse and realized that I had walked out the door without it.  What woman forgets her purse?!?  So I didn’t have my flash drive to put the pictures on.  I just don’t think they look as good if you scan the photos in.

Anyway, I managed to stop by and get my photos on the flash drive, and here they are:

I always hold my breath in the beginning.  The tummy ultrasound isn’t as clear as the trans vaginal ones, and I desperately search for that beating heart.  I can never find it though, but the tech did.  The heart rate was at 166, which is normal for it to drop a bit at this point.

Baby wasn’t bouncing around, but as you can see from the picture above it was very sweetly sucking it’s thumb.  You could actually watch it’s fist go back and forth.  I could watch it all day long.  The tech said that the thumb sucking was actually a good sign that the sucking/digestion/liver were all functioning properly.

Everything else looked good.  The tech tried to move the baby a bit, but it wasn’t having it.  It had it’s thumb and it was comfortable.  The bum was too far down so we couldn’t get any clue as to sex.  It’s still a little too early though, so I’m just happy to see that the second trimester is starting well.

I finally had a dream about the baby last night, and it was regarding sex.  I really haven’t had any dreams about the baby other than at times thinking, “Oh yeah, I’m pregnant.”  In last night’s dream I kept having these ultrasounds that were nothing like actual ultrasounds revealing the sex to be male.

Do I see it as a sign?  No.  I know some women “just know” what they’re having. I don’t have that feeling at all.  I have not a clue.  I think my dream was just my subconscious saying, “I want a boy!”

I have to agree with Garfunkel and Oates.  I think it’s ok to admit if you have a preference, and I do.  I want a boy.  I’ve never been a girly girl.  I don’t have many girlfriends.  I was a big tomboy growing up.  I just like boys.  It’s actually more of I think I would feel bad for her.  I can’t give beauty tips, I’m horrid at braiding hair, I hate pink, and as much as I love my family they all have image complexes….  Plus, my DH will be putty in her hands.  Why do I always have to be the bad guy?

Sure I may be a little bummed at first if it’s a girl, but I know it will be a fleeting feeling.  I think it’s just extra hard on infertiles because it’s not like we can just jump in sack and try again.  No, we have to go through the hormone injections, egg extraction, and $15,000 bill all over again for just a CHANCE of getting pregnant again and maybe getting a different sex.  Plus, we’re kind of guilted into “just being happy you have a baby”.  I really truly am, but I’m human and I can hope for a boy.

Alright, well my next update will probably be after my next Midwife appointment the beginning of February.  I can’t believe that’s only in two weeks though.  I don’t know whether I hope all the months fly by this quickly or not.

Oh, and here’s another picture because I’m now convinced my baby is cute based on head and nose shape ;):

Also, the thumb sucking habit is totally from my husband’s side….


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  1. Very cute – I love that he/she sucked his/her thumb the whole time!

    If I completely am honest with myself, I would love a girl. So, if I have a boy and you have a girl, we can switch 😉

    Seriously, it was so hard to get to where we are now that I’ll be happy with whatever is given to us! We don’t know for sure if we’re going to find out the sex in advance…

    Yay for another scan!!


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