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And Now For Something Completely Different

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in infertility and babies that it can put a real strain on our relationships.  We should take the time to appreciate our loved ones every day, but when you’re loaded with hormones sometimes it’s not easy.  I’m kind of glad that Valentine’s has landed where it has because it feels like a great day and time to reflect on how this all began.

DH and I first met through an online dating sight.  He found me.  We emailed for a few days, and then he asked for my number.  He asked me to our first date the very first time he called me.

I was really apprehensive to even go.  It seemed like it was really quick, and I really didn’t think that I wanted to date someone who was 8 years older than I was.  As that Tuesday night approached, I finally decided to go.

I walked into the crowded bar, and found him saving me a seat.  We said our hellos, he pushed a piece of paper and pencil at me, and then he asked me, “are you ready?”  I had no clue what he was talking about.  He then informed me that it was Trivia Night.

I’m pretty sure I instantly fell in love that very second.

We played trivia, we talked, and at the end of the night he asked me if I wanted to meet his dog, Yoshi.  Smooth right?  I went though, and I pretty much never left after that.

Yoshi. He Doesn't Do Much, but He is Cute.

A year later we were vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN.  The last day of our trip he woke me up at 4 am and told me to dress warm.  We drove around for about an hour, and then he stopped in a parking lot.  I asked him what we were doing, and he informed me that we were hiking straight up about half a mile.  Not a long way, but we’re not in super shape and I was not in the mood.

I complained the whole way.  What in the world was he doing to me?  We finally ended up atop Clingman’s Dome, the second highest peak east of the Mississippi.  It was pretty and peaceful, but after 15 minutes or so I was freezing and ready to move on.

DH kept poking about.  Then when we could finally see the sun coming up over the mountains, he finally asked me to marry him.  If he still wanted to ask me after all that whining, I knew I better get that ring on my finger quick.

I'm Cold but Engaged

Marriage for the both of us was a big deal.  We both came from broken families, and that was something neither of us ever wanted to experience again.  We took a full year and a half to tie the knot and although we didn’t have a traditional wedding, it was the best day of my life.

Married Geeks

  Dealing with the infertility has probably been the hardest on our relationship, but the bottom line is what we have is so special.  I didn’t even want kids before him.  I wanted kids because of him and the love we have for each other.

  He is so kind, funny, smart, and patient.  I don’t know why some women marry men to change them.  Through accepting who he was and loving every bit of it, I learned to accept and love myself.  I’ve never been so confident and free to be myself before him.  The amazing thing is that he loves me just how I love him.

I could have never imagined someone could love me the way he does.  He makes me laugh every day.  He has given me more than I could ask for, and has made me so happy.

  I want to have his child because there needs to be more people in the world like him.  I never thought I would experience or deserved love like this.  I’m so blessed to have him and his baby growing in me.

  That’s what Valentine’s is all about, Charlie Brown 😉


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