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I have a confession to make.  There is something I’ve done that I haven’t wanted to talk about, but I think it’s about time to put it out there.

Ok, here goes….

For the past month or so, there has been a baby car seat in my car.

I work with a lady who’s baby just turned one, and got too big for her car seat.  So she was willing to sell it to me on the cheap.  How could I pass it up?

So why is this such a secret?  Well for IFers to buy a major piece of baby thingies is a big deal.  It feels like it’s challenging fate.  Like everything has been going so well that if I just try to go with the flow something bad will happen.

I’m at the point that I feel like I can’t help myself now.  I’ve only bought some baby and home birth books so far.  I received a blanket and picture frame from family over Christmas.

Oh, and I did pick out the crib I wanted this past weekend.  Apparently you have to order that stuff early.  How much longer can I really put this stuff off?

I want to enjoy this, and I feel like when I find out the sex in a week or so there won’t be any holding back.  I’ve had the car seat for a while now, so is that a good sign?

Ok, so why the confession now?  Well, I made a purchase today that made me want to share it with the world.

It’s a book called ‘What Makes a Baby‘.  Ok well it’s not made yet.  The author is asking for funding through Kickstarter, but he’s already made his goal so I’m guessing it’s a go.  Why fund it?  Well for a $30 pledge, I get a copy of the book.  Plus, hopefully we’ll be showing others that books like this need to be made.

What makes this book so baller?  Well it’s “a modern picture book about where babies come that it fits for every kind of family and every kind of kid”.  It’s going to talk about babies made from IVF, adoption, surrogates, etc.

I’ve often wondered how we’re going to tell our child how they were born.  I don’t want to lie to them, but I don’t want them to feel like something is wrong with them because they were a test tube baby.  So I’m really excited about this book.

Please click the link and check it out.  You can make as little as a $1 donation and help support non-traditional families and children.  Thank you!



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I'm just a 28 year old neurotic hippie/geek, and I'm just doing my thing.

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  1. It is weird buying stuff too early, but we now have some furniture, so enjoy your car seat!


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