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 BOY! BOY! BOY!  How?  How have we been so blessed?  So lucky? Getting pregnant on our first attempt with Morula eggs.  Then I get what I was so desperately hoping for.  A BOY!!!!

I still am amazed what they can tell on the ultrasounds.  I kept having her check because I knew the umbilical cord was just above it, and I wanted to be sure.  She kept coming up with boy.  I just started crying.

It seems like a dream.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait to go shopping!  DH told me that he better not come home to a bunch of baby stuff.  I told him I would wait until tomorrow 😉

My family is so excited.  My mom is elated.  It’s her first grandson.  She’s sad that she couldn’t be there, but she’s going to set up an ultrasound for me when I go back to Cincy in April.  I can’t wait for her to see.

Everything is looking good.  The baby is already getting long.  He’s (HE!) constantly moving.  Sucking his thumb, clapping his hands, and waving.  He’s such a funny baby.  As soon as she got the first penis shot he quickly tucked his feet under him.  “That’s enough.  Quit poking me!”

We also got a quick peek at the 3D, although this picture doesn’t do it justice:

It’s also still so early.  You could see all the features, but I don’t know if it really looked like either one of us yet.  It looks like a normal 18 week baby.  So incredible though!

So there he is.  Our boy!  We’re about 90% sure that the name is going to be Jasper.  It’s the only one we can really agree on.



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I'm just a 28 year old neurotic hippie/geek, and I'm just doing my thing.

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  1. WOOOOHOOOOOOO Congratulations! Boys are so fun! I’m so happy for you! Send me your address, would you?! 😉

  2. Yay for a boy! I thought I had commented earlier but I guess not. I babysat mostly little boys and they are so much fun!


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