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PAIL: Drama, Seriously?

After reading Elphaba’s post this morning, I was a little confused.  I was blissfully unaware of any drama going on about PAIL.  Then I read a few more of my fellow blogger’s posts to find out it was regarding this post from Mel at Stirrup Queens.

For a second I thought that I didn’t want to even read it.  I don’t mean to be rude by saying this, but this is why I never had a lot of girlfriends.  From what it sounded like, this was a bunch of ridiculous drama.  A bunch of hormonal women being rude to each other over nothing.

I finally did read the post, but not the comments.  I’m surprised and sad that Mel felt hurt by the creation of PAIL.  I honestly didn’t even know she had a pregnant/parenting after infertility blogroll on her blog.  She said that she believed that PAIL was just a copy/paste version of hers, but after looking at the one on Stirrup Queens my own blog was no where on there.  There are over 3,000 blogs on her list, I don’t know how she can keep up with that let alone all the other ALI blogs.

This isn’t meant to knock Mel.  She does a great service to the community, and ICLW is a great thing.  As I said though on PAIL though, I only felt comfortable participating in one though because I was pregnant after that and didn’t want to upset other bloggers.

I volunteered to join in PAIL because I felt it gave me a home that I wasn’t finding out there.  I’m sorry if that hurts someone’s feelings, but I think it’s kind of silly that it did.  I’m just a little blogger, and it doesn’t matter who’s or what blogroll I’m on.  Just that I’m getting something from the comradeship.  I thought that’s what its about?

If you want to take me off your blogroll (not that I was on it in the first place), then fine.  If that means that people can’t find me on your blog, then fine.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings.  I just don’t see what the big deal is.

I commend Elph on her handling on the situation, and I really hope she doesn’t let all this get to her.  Most of all I really hope it doesn’t deter her from what we’re doing on PAIL because I’ve met a lot more bloggers from it, and it’s meant a lot to me.

I like that we’re going to do a themed post every month.  Although I’m sad to say that I won’t have too much to say on this month’s topic, breastfeeding (although it is our plan to do it), I’m looking forward to learning tips and tricks from those who are going through it or have been there before.

Until then, lets play nice.


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  1. SOOOOO with you! This is ridiculous and I can’t get over how easily people’s feelings get hurt?

    This is what I was afraid of when I started blogging, girl drama over any little thing.

    PAIL has been wonderful and I am totally staying on it!

    Congrats on the second trimester!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I had no idea Mel had a pregnancy after infertility blogroll and I’m nowhere on it either. I love Elphaba’s PAIL and plan to continue to be a part of it and refuse to get caught up in this drama!

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