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Week 21 Goings Ons and Look at My Belly

First I want to thank everyone who read and gave advise on my Breastfeeding post.  Also to those who participated with their own posts.  I learned so much, have a lot to think about, but feel so much more confident about going forward.  This was the kind of experience I was hoping for when joining PAIL, and I’m happy and thankful for it.

In other news, there’s lots going on in the Geeks’ world.  We were approved for a loan, and will be meeting with our realtor next week to get the ball rolling on buying our first house!  I’m excited (probably naively).  I’m ready to have a more permanent place, prepare the nursery, and actually have an idea of where I’m going to be popping this baby out.

This may be really hectic to have to do when pregnant, but (don’t tell DH this) I’m so relieved that I don’t have to physically move boxes.  Knowing that this was impending we’ve been spending most of our weekends packing things we knew we wouldn’t be using for the next couple of months.  DH will probably pack a lot more when I’m in Cincy for two weeks at the end of April.  He apparently feels I pack “inappropriately”.  Fine by me.

Because there’s so much that’s coming up (house hunting, baby shower in Cincy in April, Anniversary in May, moved by end of May, babymoon and birthing classes in June, and baby in July) I went ahead and just put in my two weeks last week.  I’m ready to get it over with and be the happy little homemaker again.  My focus hasn’t been there for weeks.


So a few posts ago I talked about how I’ve been looking and feeling lately.  I talked about loving your body although you may not feel like you’ve been looking your best.  I feel a little like I need to put my money where my mouth is.

I’ve been taking baby bump photos since Week 6 (with a break on Week 9-10 because we were traveling for Christmas), and I haven’t posted any of them.  Not just because I think I look fat (I am), but because we take them just before bed.  I’m in my pjs, tired as heck, and I just look rougher than usual.

Also, there’s the issue of the horrid picture quality.  I have familial tremors, so just taking a clear picture of myself in a mirror is almost impossible.  So the task is up to DH, who HATES being in or taking pictures.  He doesn’t care about lighting or continuity between pictures, and there’s only so much I can push because he doesn’t want the task to last more than two minutes.

So I guess I’m saying, please take all this in account and be gentle:

Week 6. Sorry for the terrible lighting.

The first baby bump picture.  I lost 15 pounds to be able to do the IVF and I’m about 210 here.  Sad that this looks skinny to me now.  Picture was taken on my Android.  We continue this for a couple more weeks until we tire of the cruddy quality.

Week 16

So this is now the “uniform” we’ve decided on, and we finally moved to an actual camera.  DH needs to learn a bit about “dead space” though.  Starting to fill out a bit.

Week 18

Pop Pop!  I feel this is where the bump starts to pop out.

Week 21

So here’s where we are now, about 16 pounds later.  Complete with my nerd glasses.  DH is getting pretty good with the continuity, but it does take me a minute to get used to enjoying these pictures.  I just keep telling myself, I’ll regret it if I don’t have these later.  I feel I look cuter when I’m in actual maternity clothes (which I’m finding I’m needing a lot more of lately).

Like This! Much Better!

Ok, so I put it out there.   I’ll make a page on here with bump photos and keep them updated every few weeks.  So all you adorable skinny girls with your cute little bumps, enjoy it and feel beautiful because you are.


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  1. You look awesome. The belly totally did pop. I love the last photo.


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