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Huge sigh of relief.  Thank you to the ladies for your support, and I was good about staying relaxed….until last night.  I guess I had managed to put it out of my head until then.  The anticipation of the season premier of Game of Thrones helped a lot, but when that was done I was left to my own thoughts.

God love my Mother, but she didn’t really help.  We talk every Sunday night, but she wasn’t able to talk too much since her and my brother’s family are vacationing in Florida right now.  She did a bit of “researching” on her own, and she starts bringing up the possibility of gestational diabetes.  I know we have a family history of diabetes, I know I’m a big girl, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get gd.  But when your mother worries, that makes you worry.

So by the time I got to the doctors today, I was so anxious I was shaking.  Luckily DH was able to be there with me (the office was all of two minutes from his office), and it felt good to have him there to hold my hand.  It still took them 30 minutes to get me back there and I almost ran to the chair.

I hopped up, and the ultrasound tech started taking a look around.  Placenta was on top and creeping down a bit to the right, but looked good.  The baby was breech, and she started taking a look from top to bottom.  Everything looked good, the head circumference  was 25 weeks, we saw the spinal cord, spine, ribs, arms, hands, heart with four chambers, heartbeat at 165 (he was moving A LOT.  I’m sure my blood pressure was up and not helping), stomach, kidneys, umbilical cord with blood flow, liver, bladder, boy parts (yeah!), legs, femur measuring about 24 weeks, and feet.  They checked fluid around the baby, and it was fine.

Baby’s average measurement is about 24 weeks 6 days.  Measuring plus or minus two weeks from your actual date is perfectly normal.  He’s about 1 pound 9 ounces.  He’s at the 50% percentile measurements of average babies his age.

Bottom line, everything is perfect.  They’re not really sure why my belly was measuring so big, but it’s not baby or the uterus.  At least they knocked off $100 from the bill since there was no need for a consultation.

I’m always happy to see baby though.  He’s getting cuter and cuter, and it was super cool to see him kick and being able to feel it at the same time.  I’m still not sure how we got such an active kid though 😉

In other good news, DH’s grandmother is back at home.  They’ll still be monitoring her for a few more weeks, but from what I heard she was still being her normal stubborn self.  Another fantastic sigh of relief.

On the house front, the sellers agreed to pay $500 in repairs, and told us that they only needed the house until May 2.  So we signed off on the option period, and now the appraisal will be done and all that fun financial stuff.

Although we’re losing some money not getting the leaseback, I’m happy to be getting in earlier.  My mother and I will be getting back from Cincy a few days after they’ll be out, so not only can all that baby stuff just go directly to the new house, but having my mom there to help out will be great.  Not to mention that I’ll just feel better getting all our crap out and the apartment clean by the time we have to start showing it.

Three great sighs of relief, and we’re so happy that everything has worked out. Some great things are coming up in the next couple of weeks, and we’re excited.    Just 3 more days until 24 weeks!


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  1. Yay for a healthy baby boy! Yay for your house!! Yay for your DH’s grandmother! Lots of good things all around 🙂


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