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Going Across the Country and Down the Road

I apologize that these posts seem so few and far between.  The goings on of the last couple of weeks have been hectic, and the third trimester is kicking my butt.  What happened to all that energy of the second trimester?

I can’t believe we’re at 30 weeks though.  Only 10 weeks to go!  It’s all becoming a lot more real.

Before we get too far, lets catch up from a couple of weeks ago:

The baby shower was a super awesome success, but now we (my Mother and I) needed to get all of this stuff back to Texas.  So after a day of rest, we rented a mini van, stuffed it full of baby stuff, and hit the road….for a hot second.

At that same time, DH was back in Texas closing on our new house.  Since I’m not on the loans, mortgage, house title, or anything, I was told that there was no need for me to be there.  Cool, that works out.  Of course when does everything go smoothly when purchasing a house (and really it had til this point)?

I was about to leave Cincy when I got a call from him.  “Hey, have you left yet,” he asked.  “No,” I said, “we’re heading to Mom’s now to drop off her car, and then we are.”  So he says that they need me to sign something before I go.  I figured, ok, a bit of a bother, but I’ll unpack the computer, docusign something, and we’ll be on our way.  So after sitting in front of the computer for 20 minutes and not getting anything, I give him a call back.

Now, the thing about my husband is, he almost NEVER gives you all the complete details.  He’s a go with the flow kind of person.  I am not.  I need to know what’s going on at all times to plan what’s next.

When he picked up I asked, “what’s going on?  We’re supposed to be leaving now.  We’re stopping in Louisville to see your Grandmother, and then I’ve got dinner plans with my old college roommates in Bowling Green.”  This is when he starts telling me (still only partly) what’s going on.  They are putting together a document that will be emailed to me, I then have to print it, go get it notarized, fax a copy back to our second lender, and overnight the actual document via Fed Ex.  Oh, and I probably won’t even get the document emailed to me for another hour.

I think I actually blacked out in a blind fury for the next ten minutes.  I will now type part of what I said.  To actually imagine what was actually said, feel free to imagine the F bomb between every word.  The clean version is something like this:  What?!?  They’ve had an entire month to get this all together.  Why are we learning about this now?!?  I’m supposed to be leaving! An hour?!?  This is going to put us way behind!  Are you kidding me?!?

My poor husband.  I wasn’t mad at him, but he was the one who had to listen to and try to control me.  I guess our Realtor heard my eloquent tangent, and after a while called me back to try to help.  I didn’t want to hear it at the time, but I managed to be a little more cool headed when I talked to her.  I told her I found a notary public, and although it was the opposite way that we were going she got everything ready for me at the closest Fed Ex.

So after about an hour and a half I got the paperwork, we got it notarized, faxed, and Fed Exed off.  We were two hours late getting out, and as we hit the road I prayed that I had done everything correctly.  While driving through a storm I got a call from the lender.  Great, I thought, but she just called to make sure that I wasn’t related to the Notary Public (we ended up having the same last name).  I assured her that we were not, and that Scottish last names are a lot more common in Kentucky than they are in Texas.

History side note of the day:  a lot of early Scottish immigrants ended up in the Appalachias when coming to America.  Including my family who eventually made their way up further north to Cincy.  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

After that I got a call from our Realtor.  She tried to apologize and make sure I was ok.  I told her I knew it wasn’t her fault, that I think she is super awesome sauce, and that I was sorry that she had to hear me like that.  Understand, that my Realtor and I are the same person  (she’s very organized, and we’re the kind of people that get pissed when other people are not).  She said that she felt exactly the same as I did, and that at one point she actually walked out of the closing out of frustration.

We bitched, we laughed, and then I got a lot more of what was really going on.  Here’s the story:  After the housing bubble burst, lenders almost never give out second loans.  Since we are excellent candidates, they agreed to allow us to have one but we have a lot more rules and paperwork to go through.  Since we are in Texas, apparently even though I’m not on any paperwork since we are married I have to sign over power of attorney to my husband because he’ll also be putting me into so much debt.  The reason it took them so long to get the paperwork to me was because they had to get said paperwork approved by the first lender, the banks, everyone.  This usually would have pushed the entire closing back, but since I was going to be on the road for almost a week and the sellers we’re about to move to Portland it had to be done then and there.  Everything depended on our Realtor pulling in a bunch of favors, and my ability to get it done before I left.

So after thanking her a bunch of times, and promising to have a drink with her after the baby comes, we managed to very narrowly make it to visit everyone we wanted to.  It was so nice to spend time with DH’s Grandmother.  As you may remember I mentioned that she was in the hospital about a month ago.  She had congestive heart failure, and just wasn’t able to make it to my shower.  There’s nothing more I want than for her to be around when we’ll be back in town with the baby, but you never know what will happen.  So it meant a lot to me to at least have her see me pregnant with him.  I know it meant a lot to her too.

We also made it just in time to have dinner with my old college roommates, and it was so surreal to catch up 8 years after I had moved back to Cincy.  It was such a lovely time, and after a day like that we stayed in town and headed to Memphis the next day.

We got there just fine, and spent a day visiting Graceland and Sun Records.  The “three” of us had a blast.

Jasper and I in front of Sun Records

We got back on the road by late afternoon, and rested that night just outside of Dallas.  Although we contemplated the idea of spending some time in Dallas, I was ready to be home and see my DH.

So we got into Austin in the late afternoon, and went directly to the new house to drop off all the baby stuff.  My Mom stayed in town for a few more days to help paint, pack a little, and move some smaller items.  She planned of leaving the morning of our Second Anniversary, but I wish she would have stayed a bit longer.  Not that I wasn’t sick of her at this point (that’s just how we are).

We didn’t really do too much for our Anniversary.  Just a dinner, and then we had the big move that weekend.  Not that my Mother would have done much during the move, but now that all these boxes and stuff are in here I’m a little overwhelmed.  There’s so much space, and we actually don’t have enough furniture.  There’s a lot of little things I don’t know where to go with yet.  Plus like I mentioned, the third trimester is whooping my butt and after emptying a couple of boxes I’m ready for a nap.

Everything went well though, and I LOVE my new house.  Now I just need DH to start putting baby furniture together.  I’m super excited to get the nursery together!

So now we’re just about caught up.  I have some midwife/pregnancy updates, but I’ll leave that for another post.  I just can’t believe we’re this far.  Life is changing so drastically.  We’re home owners and we’re about to have a baby.  We’re like, responsible adults now….We’ll as much as two geeks can be…I mean, we just did name our wireless network “The Land of Ooo“.

Some things will never change.


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