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Yeah, So That Happened…

We had an appointment at the midwife today.  Everything was looking good for the both of us.  We had a good talk, and started wrapping things up.

Jasper was fussy and crying as expected, and I was trying to nurse as much as possible.  We finally needed to check me out though, so I had to put him back in the carrier that was on the floor (I was sitting on a couch in front of him).  The midwife needed to leave the room for a second.

So there we were.  I was trying to calm him by giving him a pacifier, and he wasn’t having any of it.  I then heard something above me and noticed some ceiling flakes started falling on us.  Then a chunk of ceiling fell by his carrier.  “OH! OH!” was all I could muster out.

I looked up and the light fixture (one of the long box ones) was swinging right over my baby.  If the one side with the wires hadn’t have held it would have fallen right on top of him.

I quickly scooped him up and ran to the other side of the room.  The midwives ran in after that.  I had no clue how it happened as I was looking at the baby.  I was a bit shook up at first, but after seeing he was ok I calmed down.

I think the midwives were more upset than I was.  It really was just a freak accident.  Would happen to me.  As long as my baby is fine, I’m fine.

Oh, and he now weighs 9 pounds 8 oz.



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  1. OMG!!! That is so scary! Are you okay now? I mean, emotionally?

    I was out walking HGB in the stroller when he was a few weeks old and a transformer on a streetlight about 200m down the street from us exploded. Sparks and glass everywhere! At the time I was freaked out but glad it didn’t hit us. Later that night I was a wreck!!! I’m glad you wrote about it to get it off your chest! That is some scary shit! OMG!

    • I’m good, thank you! I had a moment right after it happened, but I was ok after that. I know when I told my mother about it she got really upset and said, “What if?” but I just couldn’t think about that and do that to myself.
      My goodness, that’s a crazy story you have yourself! I’m glad nothing happened!!!


    When does that even HAPPEN?! Sheesh!

    So, SO glad both of you were okay! Hope you can get to sleep tonight ❤

  3. Oh my gosh, scary!! So glad you’re both okay!!


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