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I’ve Got to Admit

It’s getting better (better)

A little better all the time (it can’t get more worse)

Every day does get a little better.  We’re having more awake and alert time, but he does need to be constantly entertained at those times.  It is a little easier to entertain him now that he can see and focus on things better though.

A lion rattle that I got him is now a lot more interesting, and he’ll follow it as we pass it across his field of vision.  He smiles and is so close to laughing at Daddy’s noises or Mommy’s tongue sticking out of her mouth.  He’ll sit a little longer in the stroller or swing as long as he can see someone (about 10-20 minutes).

We still really haven’t gotten out of the house though.  We did go to a friend’s house last Sunday.  It was actually really nice.  She invited all her girlfriends, and while I didn’t know anyone else we all had children there.  Jasper was the youngest, but there were plenty of babies.  So there wasn’t an issue of putting a nursing bib on and continuing conversation.  We actually stayed for 3 hours!  The ride to and back had plenty of wails, but I still wish we could do that every weekend.

For the last couple of Saturdays I’ve left DH with J and as many bottles of BM as he wants as I go out to shop.  The funny thing is that once I’m out, all I do is wish I could have my baby with me.  I know I just need to take him out and get him used to it, but I’m terrified of the nightmare it could potentially become.

I also wish DH and I could get more time alone together.  Sometimes I feel we need to charge our relationship as a team.  It can feel so lonely sometimes.  I miss him a bit.  I know we’ll figure it out.

I also honestly do enjoy the alone time.  Sometimes I feel bad that I just give DH the baby and a bottle as soon as he’s done eating dinner every night, but I need that 30 minutes (I actually got an hour last night).  Then during Saturdays I can get a couple of hours.

Oh, I finally got a mom cut.  I was tired of just throwing my hair up in a pony tail.  The random stylist I got at the mall salon was awesome, and here’s the end result:

I love it!

I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks, and that we’re getting close to the 2 month mark.  My mother and brother’s family will be visiting in a few weeks.  As slowly as time seems to be going, it’s also flying by.

As tired and frustrated as this kid can make me, he also has me wrapped around his little finger.  I’m so enamored over him.  I can’t wait for him to get a bit older so we can do more, but I don’t let these moments go by unappreciated.  He’ll only be my baby for so long.



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  1. Never EVER feel guilty about alone time!


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