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Uh, 3 Months Already?!?

I didn’t even do a 2 month update!  Crappy blogger me.  Seriously though, where do you all find the time with newborns?

Anyway, since I’ll probably only get a few moments we’re going to do this kinda bullet style:

– 2 month check up was good.  He gained almost 3 pounds and an inch, coming in at 11 lb 7 oz and 22 3/4 inches.

-Neither of us liked him getting his immunizations, but he didn’t have any side effects.  He wasn’t even drowsy afterwards.

– Needed to have ultrasound of hips done because he was breech.  Everything was good, but I couldn’t nurse him for 4 hours.  That was not a cheerful day.

– My mother came to visit the first week of October, and then my Brother’s family came to join us the week after.  We had a great time going to the Alamo and a bunch of other Austin landmarks.  Having extra hands to help out was very appreciated.  Being able to spend time with family, especially my three nieces, was awesomesauce.

Taking his first dip into Hamilton Preserve Pool.

-Getting the baby out so much was rough.  A lot of crying and someone having to constantly try to entertain him, but bit by bit it got better.  I also got a new carrier.  The Joovy Baba Sling  is the only carrier I have been able to discreetly breastfeed in.  I love it.

-The down side to getting out more with your baby is all that awesome unsolicited advice you get from complete strangers.  We did have a pretty epic breakdown in a department store bathroom.  We were in the sitting area and he wasn’t taking the breast.  Some woman then came up and said, “if you shush really loud in his ear he’ll calm down.”  While I just said thanks and went back to trying to console my baby, my Mom actually tried it.  I gave her a death glance, and told her that if I thought it would work I would have tried it.  When I did get him calmed down and latched on my breast the door suddenly swung open.  There was the janitor (male) who was just starting at me with my breast exposed.  He then jammed his cart in the door and walked away for a moment.  I could see people walking by looking in.  Then he would come back every minute or so and look at me.  I don’t know if I was just dumbfounded, but I was only mildly upset.  So I packed up and moved on.  I know I should have said something to a manager (this was a higher end department store), but I was just too tired at this point I guess.

-Since the family left he is actually a lot better about going out, but lasts a lot longer if I hold him as opposed to a carrier.  I don’t mind, but I was in another store just yesterday and a comment was made by the cashier about how I was holding my baby.  As I took one hand to grab my bag she said, “you should hold your baby’s back.  He could fall!”  First, I know my baby.  He has great spine control, and if I thought for a second that he was going to fall back I wouldn’t hold him as I did.  Second, unless you offer to hand me my bag, what magical freaking 3rd arm am I going to grow in order to pick it up?  I just smiled, said thanks, and went on my way.  Seriously though.

-We got some great Halloween/Fall pictures although I still need to take some of him in his actual costume.

-Although we had a bit of sleep regression last week (he woke up EVERY hour), he’s been either sleeping through the night or only waking up 2-4 times.  The co-sleeper has been working great, but I know in a few short months we’ll have to move him into the crib.

-He’s been better at being put down, getting on the activity mat more, and will actually do up to 5 minutes of tummy time!  He’s always been able to hold his head up great, but he doesn’t seem to understand the pushing up from his arms yet.  So he has to have a pillow under him or he gets frustrated and fussy.  I can see signs of rolling over will be imminent in a month or so.

-He has the best smile, and already his attempts at laughs are infectious.  He babbles and coos.  Especially at his mobile that he watches while he’s on the changing table.

-He’s starting to grab things.  Which includes his newly discovered penis…..boys…..

Chunking Up!

I think that’s about it for now.  I definitely see now that the first three months can be really rough, but it does slowly get better.  I have my moments where I get tired and frustrated, but OMG I cannot love this child more.  I feel so blessed to have this life and family. 🙂

P.S. Had to include this.  The other morning DH could not find our dog, Buddy Holly.  He finally found him sleeping in the baby’s bouncer in the nursery.  Why or how, we have no idea.  This dog is so weird…


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  1. What a cutie! So funny about him finding his penis already and the dog in the bouncer…!!!

  2. The last pic made me laugh out loud! Awesome!!


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