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Finding His Voice

Although its been a rough weeks worth of sleeps, Little J is developing in some adorable ways. He’s been chatting a lot more (mostly to lamps. They don’t have to be on, but he prefers it), he’s rolled over twice on his own (though nowhere near on purpose), and he had his first little taste of solid food (sweet potatoes mixed with breast milk. Indifferent to it).

Next Thursday is his 4 month check up. I’m not excited about the immunizations, but curious to see how much he’s grown.
I hope the 4 day weekend has been as kind to you as it was to us. It’s been so nice having DH home to help out more. I’ve actually showered in the daytime and cleaned!
Christmas decorations are starting to go up (although not a lot since we’re going back to Cincy for Christmas), and tomorrow we’re going to try to take the baby out to get him a stocking. I hope he’ll be in a good mood.
He actually had two hours this afternoon where he didn’t fuss or cry. I didn’t know what to do with myself! I can see how people can actuality enjoy babies šŸ˜‰


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