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4 Months

74745_10151192446154473_560198767_n  I’m a little late, oh well.  The second round of immunizations went about as well as the first, but his growth is right on.  He’s at 15 lb 6 oz and 24 and 3/4 inches long.

As usual, we have good days and bad days.  Sleep is getting better, although not really because of anything.  I think he was just going through a growth spurt/regression and things are starting to settle down.  He’s only waking up 3-4 times through the night rather than 8-10 times.  I call that a win.

Oh, that reminds me.  So at the Pedi I mentioned the sleeping, and that neither sleep training or CIO (we broke down and did it one night.  He cried for 2 hours straight and made himself hoarse before I gave in and nursed him) seemed to be working.  Her solution?  Hold him to sleep…….You got to be kidding me.  Did she just have no other advice?  If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it.


I take him out on little trips more.  I do this right after his late morning/early afternoon nap, but he still only lasts maybe an hour before he gets fussy again.  I planned such an excursion this past Tuesday and I’m happy to say that it was a success:

10173720121204_0005  Happy Santa Photo!!!!!!  YES!!!!  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was that it worked out.

We also got invited this past weekend to the next door neighbor’s daughter’s 1st birthday.  We didn’t really know anyone, but little J was good and we got to meet some other neighbors and their children.  We had a great time.

Other than that we’re just getting everything ready for Christmas in the OH/KY.  We’re driving up so that I can bring whatever I want.  Which probably means that I’m going to overpack 😉

Ok, baby fussing and I can’t think straight.  Nap Time!




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  1. How cute!! Pretty soon, he won’t fit in that laundry basket… 😉 Happy Holidays!!
    Bree 🙂

  2. I haven’t started sleep training yet but a friend started at 4 months and just now at 6 months has a baby who sleeps from 7-7. The trick was listening to a sleep consultant who said to put the baby down at 7pm and don’t go back in until he wakes up the next morning (unless there is a true emergency). It worked! It took 3 days of a lot of angst in mommy and daddy but he now sleeps 🙂 I’m not ready to do it but she shows signs that she is I will try it too!! good luck! Keep us posted.


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