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Monday Snapshot

6 months FB  Not only have my blog posts been slacking, but I have not done anything PAIL related in MONTHS.  So now that I actually have time to write some posts, I thought I would get back to it.

Half a year has gone by!  Little J had his 6 month appointment today, and everything looks great.  He’s 17 lbs 5 oz and 26 inches long.  He took his immunizations like a champ, and he was actually referred to as “the happy baby”.  My baby?  Gosh how things change.  Here’s a small list of them:

  • He’s finally got the knack of eating solids.  We’ve had sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and his favorite is avocados.  Tonight we’re trying some apples and pears.
  • He’s sitting almost completely unassisted
  • He’s pushing up on his arms while on his tummy
  • He’s starting to grab things, the newest being his feet and trying to get them into his mouth.  So cute!
  • We’ve started going to a gym class.  We both love it.  He’s a little social butterfly

All in all things are just getting better 🙂



Abuse or Martyrdom?

On a side note to begin with:  I never got that post out that I wanted to.  Honestly it’s because some things changed.  I’ll put it out soon.

Here’s what’s happened.

After we got back from Cincy during the holidays Little J’s sleeping habits got worse.  I understand for the first week or so he was sick.  A couple of weeks after that I noticed that no matter how many times I would try to put him in the co-sleeper, he would not stay there.  He would wake up instantly, cry, and then I would pretty much have to spend the whole night nursing him.  I couldn’t even detach him and attempt to sleep in another position next to him.

Being kept in the side laying position all night was causing major pain in my hips and back.  I would try switching sides and having to move him every time (he was awake anyway), but nothing would help.  It eventually got to a point that I was always in pain, and was taking Tylenol to get through the day.

I was becoming more and more resentful of him.  I know he isn’t trying to hurt me or upset me, but I desperately needed rest.  I also could get nothing done.  I had to be attached to him, even as he slept.  I know that you don’t have to have a perfect house when you have a baby, but this was getting to be 6 months now and our house was in shambles.

The situation was really even chipping away at our rock hard marriage.  My husband is unwavering in his support, but 6 months of sleeping apart and being neglected was starting to get to him.  It was understandable.  Neither of us even had a sex drive anymore.  What could we do?

We’ve toyed with Crying It Out (CIO) before, but nothing that was ever to the full extent.  We always sort of had it in mind that we would wait until he was 6 months, and decided that the time had come.

This isn’t an easy decision for any mom to make these days.  Actually, nothing is.  The internet is inundated with all kinds of people voicing their (very strong) opinions about every aspect of parenthood.  You should have a natural birth, you should exclusively breastfeed, you shouldn’t circumcise,  you shouldn’t get immunizations, you should cloth diaper, you should babywear, you should, you should, you should.

There are few allowances that are forgiving enough for why you can’t.  It seems to be ok that I didn’t have a natural birth because J got his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and a C section was absolutely necessary.  Some women are just completely unable to breastfeed.  It is some people’s religious customs to be circumcised.  Although I’m sure there are those out there that will even debate against these reasons.

My own opinion is that we should strive to do what’s best for our children and I believe in natural and nurturing ways, but sometimes there are things beyond our control.  I shouldn’t judge how someone else parents because we do what works for us and our children, and we’re all different.  There are exclusions to this for those that abuse, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

So we finally got to the point that we knew it was time, and it wasn’t going to be easy.  We went through our normal bedtime routine.   Instead of going into our room to nurse and fall asleep though,  I nursed him in the glider until he was asleep and then got up to put him in his crib.  He woke up instantly and started crying.  I shushed him, turned on his glow seahorse, and left the room.

Now here’s where I’ll be strongly honest.  Yes it wasn’t easy, but was I in agony that my baby was crying?  No.  Now please understand, I”m not cold-hearted.  I don’t like to see or hear my baby cry, but my baby has cried and fussed A LOT since he was born.  My baby crying has been the soundtrack of my life for the past 6 months.  I know the difference between a cry and a “something is really wrong or needed” cry.  I’m not saying I like it or that I’m not riddled with anxiety as I sit waiting for him to go to sleep or for my time to go in and comfort him again.  I’m not trying to say I’m immune to it, I’m trying to say that it’s not something that would bother me as much as a mother who has a baby who’s hardly ever cried.

The first night he cried for at least an hour, woke up about 3 times during the night, took 30 minutes to an hour to go back asleep every time after that, and we finally got up at 6 am.  I nursed him once during the night.  I was happy to have him smile up at me the next morning.

I was feeling bad enough about the whole situation, but then I read a FB post on my High Needs board that was something to the effect of “I’m starting a group for parents who don’t do things like circumcise or CIO because hearing about anyone doing it is emotionally damaging me”.  Um, WTF?!?  I’m already riddled with enough guilt, and now I’m responsible for your emotional scarring because of my parenting choices?

I was such a mess.  I’m all for trying to learn new ways and being open to discussions and choices.  What I found from those opposed to CIO though was becoming disturbing. “It’s child abuse!”, “You are emotionally and physically damaging your child!”, and “you have destroyed the bond you have with your child forever!” are their rallying cries.  They don’t understand how other parents would do it to their child, and they would never even think of doing it with theirs.  They co-sleep with their babies, some for years, some sleep like angels, some just went to their own beds in their own time, and so on.

I’ll start by saying I think co-sleeping is great.  When it works.  In fact after the second night when I realized that co-sleeping was truly over for us, I cried.  A lot.  I would miss that time with my baby.  I knew that it was a special time that we would never get back.  Even if we ever get to have another baby it won’t be the same.  He was my first.  I’ll miss his little body snuggled up to me.  Mother and child together, and trying to figure it out together.  It is a beautiful thing.

That being said though, it was being turned into nights of pain and resentment.  I have to think that a majority of those co-sleeping are not quite having the same experience I”m having. I had to make a painful choice.  What is better for my child?  Horrible sleep together, or better sleep apart?  Each having their own pros and cons.

Recent studies have shown that it may be best for babies 6 months and older to be allowed to self soothe, basically saying that there is no real difference between babies who were allowed to CIO and those who weren’t.

The children in the two groups showed very little to no significant differences in terms of emotional health, behavior or sleep problems. Mothers’ stress or depression levels were roughly the same, as were the parent-child bonds in both groups.

This however directly contradicts another study that the anti-CIO supporters throw around a lot that finds that babies left to CIO had higher levels of stress hormone, cortisol.  The anti supporters say this causes brain damage, although I can’t find an article that directly says that.  I’m not saying that it doesn’t or that having stress is good, but I just couldn’t find anything about it.

Ok, so really science is sort of on the fence on all of this.  Basically they leave it up to the parents saying do whatever works for you.

Easier said than done.  We had a few really hard nights, but CIO was working for us.  Hours of crying turned into a few minutes.  Sleeping for only an hour at a time is turning into 10 hours.  I don’t have pain anymore, and the house (and my sanity) were coming back together.  My husband and I were coming back together too.  He’s back in our bedroom, and we actually had a desire to have sex.

Even with all this though, I was still wracked with guilt.  Were these anti-CIOers right?  I spent so much time thinking about it.

First I addressed the “child abuse” claim.  As someone who went through mental, physical, and sexual child abuse I sort of found this insulting.  It’s hard to explain to people the difference who haven’t experienced it.  The person who abused me didn’t love me.  He loved only himself and what he wanted.  He wanted to control me.  You may argue that isn’t that what you’re doing to your child?  There may be a fine line, but it’s not.  I love my child, and would do anything for them.  We’ve tried other sleep training, but it doesn’t work.  None of us may like it, but its what works for all of us.  We’re all happier, more rested, and I just have to believe that a less depressed mommy is better for my child.

I’m not ignoring his needs.  He is not lying in a dirty diaper and he is not starving.  Yes, he wants to be comforted.  I’m trying to do that, but I know my child and I feel he is prepared to start doing that on his own as well.  We in no way believe a CIO routine is ok for a child younger than 6 months.  I feel he knows I’m here to comfort and love him, and I don’t think he’s able to manipulate me.  I feel he’s just mentally developed enough to learn to self soothe.

Honestly I think people like using the words “child abuse” because of the shock, but you can’t just throw those words around.  They really mean something to those who’ve gone through it.  I understand that it may seem like that to you, but it really hurtful for someone to say that I’m abusing my child when I know I’m not.

Ok, so am I emotionally and mentally damaging my child?  As I’ve noted above, science is torn on that.  Both my husband and I were left to CIO, and we’re both highly intelligent (him on a genius level).  We turned out fine.  I see that many people who were left to CIO and have some issue with it seem to have a story like this:  I remember when I was 3 and left to CIO.  I had to pee and my parents never came, so I wet myself and now I have all these issues.  This is a bit more than sleep training CIO.  I know my child and the difference between a cry and a “something is really wrong” cry.  If I knew they really needed something I wouldn’t leave them to just deal with it.  That is abuse.

I’ve even seen some make claims that we have all these problems with anxiety and depression because we were left to CIO as children.  With no scientific evidence I just have to roll my eyes at this.  Yes, I have anxiety and depression.  So did my mother, and her mother.  It’s something that is genetic and environmentally picked up.  Not because I was allowed to CIO.

Next, have I damaged the bond between my child and me?  This was the one I was most afraid of, but I’ve noticed absolutely no difference.  He still acts the same towards me, but he is gaining more independence.  Which is normal at this age.  I did have a bit of, “but he doesn’t always seem happy”.  Then I remembered that since birth I’ve thought, “but he doesn’t seem happy”.  He’s a fussy child.  Always has been.  He’s not always happy, and he won’t be.  Whether he CIO or not.

A lot of the anti-CIO supporters like to say that we only do it for our own good.  That we’re being selfish.  Like I’ve said before, I just have to believe that me being happier makes for a better, happier environment for him.  I tried to make co-sleeping work, and it just didn’t for us.

They also like to say that our bad feelings about CIO are proof that it’s “unnatural” and not to be done.  I don’t know about this.  I can just make the argument that it’s selfish of me to ignore everyone’s well being because I’ll miss sleeping with my child next to me.  That I’m making myself a martyr.

That’s when I began to think, do I have to make myself a martyr?  Do I really have to suffer physical pain and strain on my marriage because some people believe that making my baby CIO is abuse?

There is nothing wrong for feeling passion for or believing in any side.  I actually feel it’s just sad that we don’t support each other more.  We’re too concerned about what we feel is right and condemning those who don’t feel the same.

I’m not trying to knock those who don’t believe in CIO.  It’s ok if you are and that’s what you practice.  I’m just trying to explain my feelings and reasons why we did it.  I’ve heard all the arguments and points from each side, but I have to look at what works in practice.  For my family it’s CIO.  Not that you have to like it, but just please try to understand before condemning all that do.  I don’t mean to cause you emotional stress because of what I do.  I don’t mean this in a mean way, but if you really can’t get through life without emotionally surviving conflicting ideas you need to get some help.

Each family is different.  Each child is different.  Sometimes we just have to parent different and take different paths.  It’s not easy for any of us.  We try to do what’s right for our babies.  Nobody is perfect.  Pardon my French, but it’s really fucking hard and we should support each other more.

We did what worked for our family, and I don’t make apologies for that.  It’s fine if you don’t agree, and I don’t fault you for that.  I would just appreciate not being called a child abuser.  Thanks.

Catch Up

Long time, no see.  Sigh, honestly sometimes posting seems like a chore, and that makes me sad.  Life has changed so much.  There was a time I needed this blog on a daily basis.  I needed that outlet.

Now my focus is elsewhere, and he demands it 24/7.  The little time I do get to get away from him is spent catching up on things like cleaning and cooking.  The time it takes to sit down, put my thoughts together, and put together a post just keep falling lower and lower on the list.  It’s not that I don’t have ideas for posts, there’s just no time to post them.

It’s not that I necessarily want to delete the blog.  I’m just being honest that I’m not going to be able to post as often.  It just didn’t end up being what I had hoped it would become, but neither is being a parent (not a bad thing!).

Anyway, so what’s happened in the last month?

We drove from Austin to Cincy for Christmas.  I packed way too much.  The first day was miserable as little J cried (and when I say “cried” I mean wailed) half of the time.  Once so badly that he puked all over himself.  He did get a little more used to it.  He kind of had to as we were traveling to somewhere every day.  He even gave us a Christmas miracle and slept the whole way from Cincy to Louisville.

5 Months 066

He got to experience his first snow, and after a day of it I was over it.  No regrets moving far away from snow.

Snow 032

Everyone was so excited to meet him, and he was so happy to meet everyone.  He was spoiled, and got way too many gifts.  He even actually slept a little better, for a few days at least….

Then about 6 days in I noticed he was a little off.  I couldn’t tell if he was sick or teething.  On the day we drove back I figured that he was sick with a cold because I caught it too.  We were both miserable for about a week.  Then he went into an awful sleep regression, but it’s slowly getting back to normal.

So we had some good times, we had some bad.  We got home and I neurotically got to cleaning and re-arranging the house.  Now we’re settled back in, and getting back into our routine.  Which I’m sure is going to change again as things are changing every day.

Little J is getting a little better at rolling from his back to tummy, but he still hates being on his tummy.  Which makes the rolling from the tummy to back a lot harder to master.  We have started pushing up on our hands though.  Other than that I feel that we’re on the cusp of a lot of things.  Teething, eating solids a little better, and sitting completely unassisted are just on the horizon.

Although, side note:  he hates to sit.  Has anyone else heard of a baby who hates to sit?  If he can’t be in your arms, he wants to stand.  He always stood ever since he was born it seems.  He likes to stand and hover over things (inevitably drooling all over them).  I swear if he could just skip sitting and crawling, and just go straight to standing and walking he would.

That’s all for now.  I do have another post that I am determined to get up hopefully within the next week.  Otherwise, I’ll post when big things come up.  I’m still reading your posts.  I hope you all are having a great year so far!