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Nursing Necklace

We’re having a bit of sleep regression, but Little J seems to have finally gone down for his nap.  So here’s a post about a little project I’ve been working on.

Whenever I go out I wear my wedding ring on a necklace because it’s become too lose to wear.  I should take it to get re-sized, but that task has fallen pretty low on the to-do list.  Needless to say this has become Little J’s favorite thing to grab, pull, and chew on.

Recently I’ve noticed these nursing necklaces popping around.  Some are simple, some are a little more complex, and some are just a little too kiddy craft for my taste.  I’ve gone back and forth on getting one, but $30-$40 for one seems a bit much.  Heck, I’m even too frugal for the $10-$15 ones.

The simple fabric ones seemed the most fashionable for my taste.  Easy to match with outfits without looking too much like a “baby” item.  Since I have a bit more time on my hands I decided to look and see if I could make one.

I found this blog  with some easy instructions, and decided to give it a whirl.  I have lots of fabric since I save all my old t-shirts, and had some wooden beads from my hemp necklace wearing days.  I had to buy a few more, and tried to look for a wood ring.  The craft store close to us didn’t have the rings, but it didn’t matter.

For a first attempt it turned out pretty good:


IMAG1000But I had to see if Little J would even like them:



I was actually pretty surprised how quickly he took to it.  He likes holding it as he nurses, and pulling/chewing on it as I’m carrying him around.  I’m also happy that all in all I spent like $1 to make it.

I’m planning on making a couple more in different colors for different outfits.  My next project though is going to be making my own teething pads for our Er.go.  I’ll let you know how it goes!





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  1. How cute! I will definitely be looking into this once my trio arrives…. 😉


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