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DIY Teething Pads

Oh, err well.  This didn’t go perfectly, but I do have some teething pads.  I used instructions on this blog.

IMAG1026What I did wrong:

First, I’ve never used snaps before.  I bought some without understanding that you have to have a special tool to put them on.  So I went back and bought the tool which now makes the DIY version just as much as the store teething pads.  I do plan on using it more, so it will even out.

I tried to use only t shirt material.  Mistake!  The fabric does really need to be thicker so the snaps won’t tear the fabric.  You can already see the rips in mine.

I’m really only a novice sewer.  So my lines are a bit crooked, and not as pretty as the one on the instructional blog.  Oh well 😛

What I did right:

Well, it does work.  It’s on, the baby uses it.

I highly suggest putting on a ribbon loop to attach toys.  Little J LOVES it.  Very useful for a baby who gets bored quickly.



Note:  I will also flip the pads so that the toy loop is up towards me and hangs down.  The way he pulls the toy actually pushed the whole pad up so he wasn’t able to drool on the pad.



All in all though, I’m happy with it.  The first run is always a learning experience, so my next one will be better.

So what will my next project be?  I don’t know.  I really have no ideas.  Anyone have any suggestions?




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