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Baby Pics

Come on, how many kids get to say they had pictures of themselves when they were morula embryos?  5 Days old.  They put both in, but only one survived.  We think the one on the right because it looks better/more compact.

6 Weeks old.  That little sea person blob is a baby!

8 Weeks old.  Looking more human like!

10 Weeks old.  Getting SO BIG!

13 Weeks old.  Already starting bad habits!

18 Weeks and ready to tell us he’s a boy!


26 weeks

32 weeks


1 Month!

Jasper 001 (2)2 Months!

Chunking Up!

3 Months!

74745_10151192446154473_560198767_n4 Months!

5 Months 0665 Months!

6 months FB6 Months!

7 Months 1027 Months Old!

8 Months 1058 Months Old!

9 Months 022


9 Months Old!

Memorial Day Weekend 369


10 Months Old!


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